About Us

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RedHeadLines is a small communications agency based in Bath.  Run by Laura Cowan, a food and drink PR (and redhead), we provide a range of communication services expressly designed to take small businesses from unknown to known.   You may have a clear idea of what you want or be lost in a sea of opportunities.  Our job is to help you navigate the waters, avoid the sharks and end up a veritable lighthouse.  We scale up or down according to the brief.  Everything’s do-able – it’s more about what’s best for you given the time and budget available.  We worked with long-term client, Mitch Tonks, to win UK’s best restaurant for The Seahorse in Dartmouth and Mitch’s second restaurant, RockFish won the UK’s best fish and chip restaurant.  No mean feat.  We can’t take all of the credit, of course, but PR certainly helped raise awareness.   A few good reasons to talk to us:

– We are well connected with the food and drink press locally and nationally, there are great media opportunities out there & we aim to make things work for the client & for the media & their readership/viewers

– Social media just give you a headache thinking about it?  No problem, we can make this very easy to manage

– Have some ideas already but just no time to make them happen?  Talk to us

– Not sure about using an agency?  It’s only worth working together if you can work together well, we always suggest trying things out and seeing how it goes.  No contracts or commitment, just results.

Contact us here

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